🌱 Ingredients

  • Distilled Water
  • Witch Hazel
  • Proprietary Blend of Essential Oils
  • Alcohol (as a solubilizing agent)

📦 Shipping & Returns


  • Shipping is currently available to the US & Canada.
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  • Due to the nature of this product returns and refunds are not permitted.
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💰 How to Use Money Spray

3 Sprays ✨ 3X a Day

  • We like to think of Money Spray as “energy work in a bottle.
  • We suggest using 3 sprays ✨ 3X a day.
  • Each time you spray, imagine feeling your energy aligning with the frequency of abundance and wealth.
  • An activation and daily use guide is included on the inside of the box along with your purchase.


Shake the bottle gently, remove the cap and spray it three (or more) times around your face (avoiding your eyes).

Feel free to spray liberally around body, in your room, office, house or any other space you’d like to smell amazing.

Inhale deeply and remember the intention or affirmation you set when you received the bottle.

✨ Activating Your Bottle

Once you have RECEIVED your bottle of Money Spray, follow the below to ACTIVATE the spray & align it with your energy & intention:

  • Hold the bottle in your hands
  • Close your eyes
  • Take a deep breath
  • Set an intention or affirmation
  • Shake the bottle & spray 3 times
  • Inhale & breathe in the smell
  • Feel yourself align with the frequency of Abundance

When you use Money Spray daily, anchor back into the frequency of abundance & your intention.

⚡️ Custom Orders

For custom orders, including

  • Shipping 3 or more bottles to your personal address
  • Bottles for large events
  • Shipping to countries other than the US or Canada
  • Or any other custom request

Please contact us directly HERE 


Shipping to the US & Canada is available.


Please note: due to the nature of this product, returns are not permitted. Please contact us for additional information or support.